Valuxhome Three Colors Crystal Stones Resin Irregular Decorative Crystals for Electric Fireplace, Home, Garden Decor (1LB)

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Price: $ 15.98
  • VL- Crystal Stones

  • Valuxhome

  • 1LB

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SAFE MATERIAL- We make these crystal stones with resin material. Smooth surface, irregular shape give you mild visual perception.
QUALITY- These crystal stones with appropriate material have good quality, when it falls, you do not worry about severe damage.
COLOR- All crystal stones have three colors(transparent, orange, black). About 200 crystal stones weighs 1LB. The number of different color is random.
MULTI-USE- Although the crystals are designed for electric fireplace, it can be ornament in home, garden, party, potted plants etc. The shape, transparency can offer beautiful reflective effect.
WARRANTY- Hassle-free returns and exchanges, just feel free to contact our staff if you have any issues with this product.




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